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"Kursed" was the name Krystal adopted after leaving Team Star Wolf and the Lylat System. She worked freelance as a bounty hunter.


Post Anglar Directorate Invasion

Krystal was a member of Team Star Wolf after they succeeded in defeating the Anglar Invasion. However, while Wolf, Leon, and Panther were hailed as heroes, Krystal was labelled a traitor directly to her face for betraying Team Star Fox. The negative attention became too great for Krystal, and she could not take it anymore. She had to leave.

She fled the Lylat System and adopted the name "Kursed" to signify her internal pain. She then became a bounty hunter, taking on jobs of exceeding difficulty for a high price in return.

She kept her ship, the CloudRunner.

(This may or may not be official canon, as Star Fox Command has no confirmed ending, and Kursed appears solely in the ending.)

Age: 26 (SFC)
Born: 11 Years BLW
Origin: Cerinia
Physical Appearence
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Green
Chronological Appearence and Affiliations
Affiliation Freelance
Appearences Star Fox Command

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