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Krystal is a member of Team Star Fox. She is an arctic blue vixen who has telepathic abilities. She joined Star Fox after the Sauria Incident and has an interest in Fox. He, although he won't admit it, has mutual feelings for her, too. However, at the time of the Anglar Invasion, she was kicked out of Star Fox on a bad choice Fox made and, in spite, joined Star Wolf.


Sauria Incident

Krystal Releasing Krazoa Spirit
Krystal releasing Krazoa Spirit.
Krystal had fled her home planet, Cerinia, after it was destroyed for unknown reasons. Telepathically, she got a distress call from the residents of Sauria and went to help. She faced down General Scales and his ship from the back of a CloudRunner before heading to the Krazoa Palace. There she learned of the Krazoa Spirits and returned one to the main shrine. Shortly after releasing the spirit, an unknown force pushed her into the path of the Dark Matter and imprisoned her in a dark matter crystal. There she stayed for the majority of the event, having the life-force drained from her to help revive Andross.

Eventually, Fox McCloud, who was initially just supposed to return the SpellStones to the Krazoa Shrine on-planet and ironically ended up getting her staff, was told by the Krazoa Spirit to free the other Krazoas and save Krystal [who at the time he only knew as "her"]. When he saw her for the first time, he got mesmerized by her beauty that Peppy Hare had to snap him out of his staring and remind him to get back on goal.

Once he freed all the Spirits and returned all the SpellStones, the Krazoa freed her from her crystal prison, just before all her life energy was drained from her. She started to fall, but Fox caught her. The two shared a tender moment but were interrupted by a giant Krazoa statue, which flew away. Krystal took back her staff by force and started shooting fire at it. Fox immediately got into his Arwing and flew after it. The staute later showed itself to be Andross, and Fox, aided by a now-returned Falco, fought and destroyed him. After returning to Great Fox, Fox was greeted by a message Krystal sent him, and she then came on-board herself to say thank you. Fox began to get nervous, which ROB-NUS64 picked up on and accidentally announced, which alludes to his feelings for her.

Aparoid Invasion

Krystal entered active flight duty replacing Peppy Hare by the time of the Aparoid Invasion. Mainly, she stayed in the air, although she went on-foot on Sauria and the Aparoid Homeworld to help Fox directly. It also shows a little more of her interest in Fox. When she was told to join Fox on Sauria, she exposed great interest in that, to which Fox immediately stammered at.

Anglar Directorate

Before the Anglar Directorate invaded, Fox has kicked Krystal out of Star Fox. Heartbroken at this, she went to join the Cornerian Army directly, but eventually joined Star Wolf. After some time, Fox and the current members of Star Fox found her. They convinced her to rejoin, but she acted harshly to Fox, being he really hurt her from kicking her out. (It is unknown where she or the rest of the team ended up since Star Fox Command does not have a canon ending.)

Other Information

  • In Ending 4 of Star Fox Command, she leaves the Lylat System and becomes the bounty hunter known as "Kursed," a reference to the pain she has undergone throughout her life.

Age: 23 (SFA)
Born: 11 years BLW
Origin: Cerinia
Physical Appearence
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue and White
Eye Color: Green
Chronological Appearence and Affiliations
Affiliation: Star Fox
Star Wolf
Appearences: Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Assault
Star Fox Command

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